Timo-Tapio Palmu & Sami Albert Hynninen - NOISEWORKS

From the blood and vomit drenched darkness and degeneration of Lohja come Timo-Tapio Palmu and Sami Albert Hynninen and their album NOISEWORKS.

Seven tracks of misanthropic brutality and ugliness in form of harsh noise and electronic minimalism. Whereas Palmu has his roots in the shady local underground, Hynninen has created a widespread career on various ways of extreme music with The Puritan, Opium Warlords, Azrael Rising, his collaborations with Läjä Äijälä and Olli Hänninen, and many other bands and artists.

This is the most violent project for both of them. Open a bottle of cognac, sit down, turn the volume up, and purify the shit out of your brain with the sonic vortex of Noiseworks.

Timo-Tapio Palmu & Sami Albert Hynninen: NOISEWORKS CD

Jewelcase with a 12-page booklet of victims.

Limited edition of 200 copies.

Price: 15€

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Timo-Tapio Palmu & Sami Albert Hynninen - NOISEWORKS cd

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